Harry Potter, DC Originals & Marvel Comics Playing Cards $5 Delivered @ eBay

Waddington Playing Cards $5

I stumbled across these Waddingtons sets when I was looking for some cheap playing cards for my daughter and couldn't believe they are just $5 delivered for DC Originals, Marvel Comics and Harry Potter complete packs! Incredible value, and an awesome gift idea for all ages.

Each high quality pack is printed with some fantastic graphics, and they are way more exciting that your run-of-the-mill playing cards.

Take a look at the options:

I've seen these very sets sell as high as $21 at other stores, so this isn't one to pass up if you know someone who loves card games; they're particularly great stocking stuffers for kids, too.

This seller also has some Top Trumps sets for just $5 delivered, so check those out while you're there.

I'm off to grab a few packs!

These sets ship FREE around Australia.

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