Graysonline via eBay - OMEGA Altise 20L Air Dehumidifier was $399 now $63.20 with free delivery using coupon code CSUNNY20. Coupon expires 15.01.2017

Another cracker from eBay - These Dehumidifiers are generally a few hundred dollars so it's a bit of a steal at $63.20 with free delivery.

If you live in hot humid weather or cold damp winters, damp indoor air causes problems like mould or dust mites. Dehumidifiers take the humidity from the atmosphere in the room like air conditioners do but without cooling the place down. Having a dehumidifier working in conjunction with an aircon will help the air conditioner cool the room down faster as it does not have to struggle with dehumidifying at the same time.

Model: OADE20
Humidity controller
Unique UV Light Purification System helps kill off bacteria in the air as it passes through the unit
5L water tank
20L day dehumidifier
Ioniser and ti02 indicator
Handle for easy movement
Comes with a carbon filter
Washable filter for additional clean air

Power Supply: 220-240V ~50Hz
Test Condition: DB30°C, RH 80%
Dehumidification Capacity: 20L/Day
Power/Current: 370W/ 1.7A
Air Volume: 150m3
Compressor: Rotary
Refrigerant: R134a
Temperature Working Range: 5 ~32°C
Water Tank: 5L
Dimensions (WxDxH): 336 x 210 x 547mm without feet

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