Go & Glo Stretchkins Sparkly Unicorn or Playful Puppy $12.99 @ Catch

Go & Glo Stretchkins $12.99

Have you seen these yet? They're equal parts hilarious and brilliant. They are basically a super stretchy, life-sized buddy that can be attached to hands and feet, to move with kids as they do. But the best bit is that their feet light up whenever kids start dancing or jumping! At just $12.99, this is the lowest price around by far.

There are two styles up for grabs:

These are suitable from the age of three years, and the cool thing about them is that you don't need any batteries. Yay!

In a world full to the brim with screens and gadgets, I love toys that get kids off the couch and moving, and this does just that.

Have a look at some of the videos on you tube of these things, they're fabulous!

Standard shipping is $8.95. If you are a Club Catch member, shipping is FREE.

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