Game of Phones Card Game $39.95 @ Showpo

Game of Phones Card Game $39.95 @ Showpo

If you know someone who is obsessed with their phone (which let's fact it, we kind of all are), this is the perfect game for them - and has smartphones at the centre of the action. You can pick it up for $39.99 at Showpo now!

So the way this game works is that players grab their smartphones and get ready to tackle the tasks thrown at them as quickly as they can!

For example, a card might read: "find someone you should have unfriended by now", or " create an emoji masterpiece". Players have 60 seconds to whip up a response, and the funniest, coolest, weirdest, most insane answer wins the round.


I can see this being a hit with teenagers, not to mention us mums who leave and breathe smartphones and apps! (Yes, I refer to myself!)

Check out the Showpo sale while you're over there - stunning gear for all seasons.

Standard shipping is $7 or FREE over $50.


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