FREE Water Saving Kit

17 April 2009

Ever wanted to save water in your home?

Never wanted to pay a cent to save water?

Well, Sydney water are offering a Free Water Saving Kit for Sydney water Customers only!

NOTE: Sydney water Customers ONLY.
Note: This offer is only available to properties that have an authorised or approved connection to a water main owned by Sydney Water.

Sydney Water will provide only one (1) DIY Water Saving Kit per residential property. If you have more than one property please fill in the details of each property individually.


  • nod
    Excellent post JoshHoward - thanks. I think these things are vital in OZ. They can make such a difference. Sydney water are by the far the most active with their freebies. Don't think I have ever seen an offer for WA
  • JoshHoward
    Yeah. It's quite ridiculous, Whilst NSW isn't suffering much yet WA is.. NSW are taking more action. Quite Stupid and careless. :confused:

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