FREE Delivery on NEW Wine in Cans @ Dan Murphy's

FREE Delivery on NEW Wine in Cans @ Dan Murphy's

For all these years, we've had plenty of beer in cans, never the wine! Well the wait is over, wine lovers - wine in cans is here. Better still, select brands are shipping FREE right now at Dan Murphy's!

Imagine how much easier picnics will be now?! And drinks outside? No more glass bottles, no more wine glasses just waiting to be knocked over by someone (probably me), and an easier package to dispose of that won't take up all the room in your recycling bin. Hallelujah!

You won't find the cans below in store. As they are sent direct from the supplier, so you'll need to order them online. These are the brands shipping FREE:

Grab a case for your next barbie - I sure will be!

The wines above ship FREE in Australia.


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  • Kahlee W.

    Yeah I’ve seen these, not quite sure how I feel about wine in a can though lol

  • Chimpy R.

    if it a bubbly one it would be ok I think

  • Michelle K.

    bloody they dont have sav blanc

  • Jen H.

    Would fit nicely in the pool drink holders