Free 30 serve Xtend with selected purchases at Nutrition Warehouse - save $50

Free 30 serve Xtend with selected purchases at Nutrition Warehouse - save $50

I saw two "super specials" at Nutrition Warehouse including a free 30 serve Xtend, which sells for about $50 on average elsewhere.

Xtend by Scivation is one of the most popular sugar-free and carbohydrate-free BCAA drink mixes on the market, including 7g of BCAAs to help you build muscle, burn fat, prolong the intensity of the workout and speed up recovery.

To qualify for this promo, you can either buy the 5lb (2.27kg) tub of "Delicious Protein" by Giant Sports for $89.95 or the strawberry flavoured D-Fine 8 Zero by MuscleWerks for $49.95.

* Buying the D-Fine 8 Zero would definitely give you a better deal, not only because it would mean getting 50% off the total value of the two products, but also because this fat burner on its own would cost you between $60 and $75 elsewhere.

D-Fine 8 Zero by MuscleWerks contains a combination of natural ingredients that are beneficial for toning the muscles while losing extra fat. The promo is only valid on the strawberry flavoured supplement, with which you'll get a lemon lime flavoured Xtend by Scivation.

* If you have more use of the Delicious Protein, you would still get about 35% off the average market prices of the 2.27kg tub of protein with the 30 serve Xtend combined.

Each scoop of the Delicious Protein contains:

27 grams protein
4 grams of carbohydrate
2 grams of fat
five-component blend
no added sugars

Giant Sports' "Delicious Protein" is available in the following flavours: Banana, Chocolate Shake, Cookies and Cream, Peanut Butter Chocolate Shake and Vanilla Shake; and you'll get your free Xtend in "Tropical Sunrise" flavour.


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  • vikk
    Just saw that there's a coupon code for Nutrition Warehouse which you can apply when buying any of the bundles in the deal above to get: Free Shipping (worth $9.95) Free Fitness Magazine (worth $7.95) Free X50 Green Tea 5 Serve (worth $7.95) Free Mini Shaker (worth $6.95) Valid until the 14th of January, 2016.
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