Fred Dinner Do's Plates 3PK $19.99 Delivered @ eBay

Fred Dinner Do's Plates 3PK $19.99 Delivered @ eBay

Oh. My. Gosh! If you have a little one with a picky palate, then these adorably hip Fred Dinner Do's Plates will help to rescue mums across Australia from mealtime meltdowns.This popular set sells for around $30 (excluding postage) at many stores, but I have found them on eBay for just $19.99 with FREE shipping!

The set includes a different hair style on each plate, so you can arrange meals on each one to resemble funny faces. Or, step up the competitive sibling spirit and get them to create their own crazy-haired friends - then hand out awards for the best food face!

Kids absolutely LOVE this type of dinnertime fun, as it allows them to be in control on what they eat, while experiment with new foods. Finally, it's OK to play with your food!

Fred's Plates Are 100% virgin melamine, but best left out of microwaves and dishwashers.

If you're after some more mealtime saviours, make sure you check out the Constructive Eating sets over at eBay too. They are certain to get those budding gardeners or construction enthusiast to the table, leaving you with more time to relax with a glass of vino!

Fred Dinner Do's ship FREE around Australia.


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