Frenzy Deal: 40% Off Interactive Fingerlings Hugs @ Big W

Frenzy Deal: 40% Off Interactive Fingerlings Hugs @ Big W

Fingerlings Hugs are the bigger, cuddlier version of those crazy-popular little robotic friends kids have been obsessed with over the past few years, and given that these ones are suitable from the age of two, they're a fab gift for tots. Usually $49, you can buy them for just $29 right now at Big W as part of the Frenzy sale.

What Are Fingerlings Hugs?

Fingerlings Hugs are a scaled-up, plush version of Fingerlings monkeys, and they are all about HUGS!

The blue monkey is called BORIS, and the pink monkey is BELLA; and each comes with long arms that are made for seriously cuddles.

But it definitely doesn't end there.

Fingerlings Hugs are totally interactive. They have over 40 sounds and responses built into them, and love to be patted, swung around, kissed and cuddled.

A key feature of these boisterous pets is their ability to mimic what you say. Say anything to these guys and they'll repeat it back to you! (Can you imagine the fun the kids will have with that?!)

No doubt about it, you'll be hearing bucket-loads of laughs, mimicry and FARTS with these guys in your life.

Check them out in action below:

Fingerlings Hugs are suitable for ages 2+ and they run on AA batteries (included).

Regular-sized Fingerlings include Unicorns, Pandas, Sloths, Baby Dragons, and Untamed Dinosaurs. We've got an original Monkey in our house, and it has constantly has my kids in stitches - interactive farting pets will do that!

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Standard shipping is $7.90 at Big W, or use FREE in-store collection if stock is on hand.


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