Famous "Emma" Glitter Boots Back in Stock at Best & Less!

Famous "Emma" Glitter Boots Back in Stock at Best & Less!

When Best & Less released its irresistible glittery Emma boots a few weeks back they sold out almost immediately online. If you missed out, fret not - because they're back! Get over to Best & Less and grab yours online now - before they disappear again!

The Wiggles are still massive in Australia, and with the yellow Wiggle in particular having stolen the hearts of preschoolers everywhere, it goes without saying that Emma-themed clothes and accessories is hot property among the under-fives.

There's a lot of Wiggles gear out there at the moment, but when glittery Emma boots landed at Best & Less recently, fans flipped. They're $20 a pop, and pretty much the holy grail of Wiggles merch at the moment.

These boots are golden yellow, very sparkly, and they feature a big cartoon-style Emma motif on one side. They range in sizes AU 6 through to AU 12.

To some these might just look like yellow gumboots, to fans these are Glitter Emma Boots, and to a true Wiggles devotee, that is a rather massive deal.

While you're over there, take a peek at the rest of the The Wiggles gear - lots to choose from!

Standard shipping is $10 at Best & Less.


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  • Tamara F.

    they really do look awesome I bet she will love them!

  • Stacey W.

    oh the options!!

  • Alaina C.

    have to get these

  • Lana W.

    these are so cute but $20 is a bit crazy

  • Derryn D.

    Very cute. Need new boots this winter

  • Chloe C.

    she needs them!

  • Hayley P.

    I want these too!