$60 Off FurReal StarLily Unicorn @ Toys R Us

$60 Off FurReal StarLily Unicorn

The FurReal range has been a huge hit with kids, and StarLily is one of the most idolised. Not only does she come from an enchanted forest (like, really), she's soft, she's completely interactive - and she's a unicorn.

StarLily has been reduced by $60 to $139.99 at Toys R Us, so if your little lady would positively melt over having a pet unicorn, this is the deal for you.

I'm a little bit in awe of what toys can do these days. StarLily has the ability to actually respond to voice and touch. Her repertoire includes over 100 actions and sounds. And - get this - her horn lights up. Just take my money...!

The FurReal StarLily Unicorn is recommended for kids aged four years and over.

Offer ends 17th June 2017. Toys R Us ships Australia-wide.

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