$60 Off Bestway H20GO Inflatable Water Park @ Target

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$60 Off Bestway H20GO Inflatable Water Park @ Target

If you don't have a pool, and are wondering how to get through what looks set to be a scorchin' Aussie summer with the kids on school holidays, this Bestway Water Park is well worth checking out. Reduced by $60 to $239, it's one of the best-value water slide around right now - and it ships free!

This sensational outdoor water park is pretty much guaranteed to keep the kids active and cool throughout the holidays.

It's made of heavy-duty materials that will withstand years of bouncing kids, and it includes a water slide, a blower, a spraying hose, a basketball hoop, and a ladder wall for easy access to the top of the slide.

The pool area at the base is big enough for several kids to play on at any time, and can be filled to a depth of 30 centimetres - enough for kids to wade around happily.

To stay inflated, the water park will need a power source, so make sure you grab a long extension cord that will reach from the house.

We invested in one of these slides several years back, and it's been a massive hit with the kids. One of the many reasons I love it so much is that the kids get such great exercise while they play - without even realising it!

This water park ships FREE from Target. FREE Click & Collect also available.


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