Aqua Party LED Light-Up Paddling Pool $54.95 @ Temple & Webster

Aqua Party LED Light-Up Paddling Pool $54.95 @ Temple & Webster

How cool is this paddling pool? LED lights are taking everyday items who whole new levels these days, and this light-up kiddie pool takes the cake. It's usually found for around $99.95, but you can grab it at Temple & Webster for just $54.95 right now.

This Aqua Party vinyl pool is a brilliant idea for Australian summers - especially on those evenings when it's still 30 degrees at 8pm, and sleep is simply not going to happen. That said, this is going to be heaps of fun during the day as well.

The multi-function lights run on 3 x AAA batteries, and they change colour at random. You get a repair patch included, and the beauty of it is that you can also use it as a light-up raft in the pool.

Measuring over two metres in length, this is going to fit plenty of people in it.

I think it's safe to say adults will love this pool as much as the kids. I can easily see myself lounging in this on a warm summer night, sauv blanc in hand. (Speaking of which, there's a Floating LED Drinks Bar available at this store as well.)

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Shipping at Temple & Webster varies according to your postcode. You can also buy this pool at My Dealfor $80 delivered, and it may work out cheaper for you.

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