Up To 35% Off Kids' Sofas & Armchairs @ RealSmart

Up To 35% Off Kids' Armchairs

I've heard many-a-mum sing the praises of little kiddie-sized recliners and sofas for kids; they have heaps of comfy padding and apparently kids feel pretty grown up in them too! It can be hard to find popular chairs like this under $100 in Australia, but right now they are ALL on sale at RealSmart, with prices as low as $60.42!

These chairs are made with high-resilience foam (important when dealing with bouncy kids) and easy-care upholstery. Some of them recline, some have storage, and all of them score BIG style points. Take a look at the options below.

Kids PU Leather Recliner Chairs:

Kids' PU Leather Armchairs with Under-Seat Storage:

Kids' Fabric French Provincial Lorraine Chairs:

Kids' PU Leather Double Lounge Sofas with Under-Seat Storage:

Gorgeous aren't they? I think kids might even have a snooze on these things!

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  • Rachel L.

    There pretty awesome hey. On sale to

  • Diane G.

    You aslo have to pull the bottom out to have it recline there is nothing on the side to pull like normal recliners

  • Donna D.

    I was going to.. still thinking. Do they do afterpay :grinning::grinning::grinning::joy::joy:

  • Gina B.


  • Haley C.

    Wow that’s cheap! Think it worked out about 90 ea including shipping

  • Kristy I.

    I want them for my girls but I’ve got nowhere to put them

  • Kristy I.

    I really like that idea :joy:

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