$30 Off Paw Patrol Zoomer Marshall @ Toys R Us

$30 Off Paw Patrol Zoomer Marshall @ Toys R Us

Got a Marshall fan in your life? Toys R Us is one of the few stores that stocks this robotic Paw Patrol pup, and the good news is that it's on sale now! Usually $149.99, you can grab it for just $119.98 for a limited time.

This clever pup is programmed with over 150 Paw Patrol sounds, including heaps of phrases the kids will know and love from the show.

Kids can tickle Marshall's chest to make him giggle, or wave their hands in front of his chest sensors to have him follow them around - they can even do the "Pup Pup Boogie" together. I'm loving the two water cannons built into Marshall's pup pack - adorable!

Heaps of fun to be had with this one, and it's the sort of interactive toy that will keep kiddies entertained for ages.

Toys R Us also had the Zoomer Unicorn in stock as well. It's packed with features and even has a rainbow mane and light-up horn! Check it out here.

Standard shipping starts at $10.50.


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