$25 Off ErgoPouch Winter Sleepsuit Bag @ Babies R Us

$25 Off ErgoPouch Winter Sleepsuit Bag @ Babies R Us

If you are after a fantastic deal on the perfect winter sleep solution for your baby or toddler, this could be it. The ErgoPouch Sleepsuit Bag is unique in that it can used as a standard sleeping bag or, with an adjustment to the zippers, as a full-body sleeping suit that they can even walk in. For two days only, you can save $25 off the regular price!

This is a great option for tots who have just transitioned to a bed. It keeps them warm even if they have a habit of pushing the covers off, and they won't trip over when they make a run for the door at bed time. Oh, how I needed this when my daughter was two!

Normally you would expect to pay $84.95 for the award-winning ErgoPouch Winter 2.5 TOG Sleepsuit Bag, but right now, for two days only, you can grab it for $59.49 in your choice of Navy, Cub or Tulip, and in sizes 2 - 12 months, 8 - 24 months or 2 - 4 years.

Sleepsuit Bags are made from 100% natural fibres with grip pads on the feet, fold-down mitts and cotton fleece sleeves. Divine.

Sale ends Sunday 21st May. Babies R Us deliver Australia-wide.


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