$30 Off Thomas 6V Ride-On With Tracks @ Toys R Us eBay Store

$30 Off Thomas 6V Ride-On With Tracks @ Toys R Us eBay Store

A Thomas train they can actually ride - on tracks! My little guy would go bananas over this, and I'm sure more than a few train fanatics out there would too. This fabulous set is down $30 to $149.99 right now at the Toys R Us eBay store, so pop over and check it out!

Not only does it chug around the 22-piece track, it plays the authentic Thomas music - because there must be no confusing the fact that this is a THOMAS train, and no other!

I love this set for the fact that it combines two worlds: ride-ons and train sets. (So, in theory it might get you out of having to buy both? Maybe!)

It's got a lovely big seat, right aboard Thomas, and there is another carriage for carting around all that precious toddler cargo.

This train has a six-volt battery, so it's going to chug along at a pretty gentle pace, but I'd say it's still going to give little train-loving tots a thrill.

Shipping is $14.49 for this item.


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  • Kayne C.

    Omg this is so cool I didn't get this til now

  • Ifrah M.

    I can't he has too much Thomas stuff