$15 Off Disney Cars Booster Seat: Now $29.95 @ Catch

$15 Off Disney Cars Booster Seat: Now $29.95 @ Catch

The First Years Disney Cars Booster Seat can be very hard to find around the traps, but I've tracked it down over at Catch for an absolute bargain. You can pick up this portable, super handy little unit for just $29.95, and save yourself $15 off the full price.

While Bub might be too young to understand the importance of a certain car named Lightning McQueen and all things Disney Cars, this booster seat and tray table is utterly adorable - not to mention bright, which babies are sure to love.

The unit actually folds down, so it's highly portable and brilliant for day trips, camping, even holidays; the backrest folds down flat against the tray table, so this could fit in a suitcase.

There's a cup holder and the tray table can be removed and thrown in the dishwasher if need be.

What I think is the best feature, though is that the booster seat can be attached to a regular chair through the use of a strap, so Bub can sit up at the table with the big kids as soon as he/she is ready.

Sitting issues solved! Now to get them to actually eat!

This item ships from $7.95.


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