Disney Aladdin Bears Just Arrived at Build-a-Bear Workshop!

Disney Aladdin Bears Just Arrived at Build-a-Bear Workshop!

Something particularly magical has just arrived at Build-a-Bear Workshops around the country: the Aladdin bears! There are four bears to choose from (but let's face it, you're going to want them all), and prices start at $15 for Abu. If your kids adore the story of Aladdin, these are going to make ahh-mazing gifts.

First up, a few things to remember when you buy from Build-a-Bear online:

  • Bears come already stuffed, so if you'd prefer the kids to actually build their own Aladdin bear, you'll need to head into a Build-a-Bear store
  • All accessories (clothes, sound cards etc) are sold separately

This Disney collection, based on the upcoming Aladdin movie, is nothing short of breathtaking. The bears themselves are adorable (as always), and the costumes are perfect - there's even a plush genie lamp in the mix!

The major bears in this range are Jasmine, Aladdin, Genie and Abu. All bears are $40 each, except for Abu which is $15 and a considerably smaller size.

Costumes for Jasmine, Aladdin and Genie are all $27.50, and Jasmine's fabulous aqua heels are $15.

The Aladdin sound card, which can be added to any of the bears, is just $7.

Isn't it all divine?! With so many huge Disney movies coming out this year, I cannot wait to see what Build-a-Bear comes up with next! (Lion King, pleeeeease!)

The new Aladdin movie releases on 23rd May in Australia.

Standard shipping around Australia is $9.85.


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  • Leanne M.

    they are so cute :heart_eyes:

  • Brooke C.

    Almost bought them today but I’m being a cheapskate atm :laughing::tired_face: