Colour Me SWOON Colouring Book $14.59 Delivered @ Book Depository

Colour Me SWOON Colouring Book $14.59 Delivered @ Book Depository

There's mindfulness, there's colouring, and then there's THIS! It's a colouring book filled with HUNKS! The likes of Ryan Gosling (swoon), Bradley Cooper (swoon some more) and George Clooney (major swoon) grace the pages of this colouring book, and it's the perfect way to while away the day. Grab it for just $14.59 delivered now!

When I first came across this book in a store, I actually gasped. I mean, a colouring book packed with nothing but swoonworthy celebrities? How perfect!

This book is a great size in a square, softcover format with 114 pages, and it has fabulously thick pages ready for you to go to town with those markers. There are 60 heartthrobs within this book, so if Brad Pitt ain't your style, flip along to Zac Efron, perhaps.

If you only have room in your heart for one celebrity, check out the rest of the Mel Elliot range. There are also entire colouring books by Mel Elliot that are dedicated to beautiful and admired people in the entertainment world:

I think we all know someone who would appreciate books like this in their lives. Grab one now for a bargain!

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