Buy a Coleman Weekender Chair for $89.99 get a 2nd for $1 at BCF ($45.50 each)

Great offer on Coleman Chairs at BCF.

They’re offering a 2nd chair for $1 when you buy a Coleman Weekender Chair for $89.99.

So in other words, you're getting two chairs for $90.99 which works out to be $45.50 per chair.

Each of these chairs would have cost you $89.99 at Rays Outdoors - you’re saving a genuine 50%.

If you don’t have one yet, Coleman chairs are great for the beach or for camping. They have a 3D mesh construction, insulated stubby-holder and cooler arm - the chair is comfortable, practical and it’s easy so take around with you too.

The offer is on until the 24th of July 2016.

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