Barry M Unicorn Primer Drops Are Here & Your Make-Up Kit Needs it!

Barry M Unicorn Primer Drops Arrive!

Barry M's brand new vegan concoction is the stuff of dreams: pink, glittery, it's infused with the very real magic of unicorns, and let's face it - we all need it. It has just landed at ASOS and you can grab yourself a bottle for just $16.

There are a few ways you can use Barry M's Unicorn Primer Drops, and the first is obviously as a make-up primer. This oh-so-special elixir contains the likes of açaí, goji berries and tamarind to protect and detoxify the skin before your make-up goes on.

But, given how packed with nourishing ingredients this primer is, you could very well use it own as part of your skincare routine. I bet it smells like heaven...

You can also mix Barry M's Unicorn Primer Drops to your foundation for a bright finish, and extra hydration - great if you're prone to dryness.

Forget paying more than $70 for the Farsali Unicorn Primer, this one has all the magic and then some.

Get in my cart, unicorn goodness!

Standard shipping is $5 to Australia.

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