Bacon-Opoly Board Game $26.64 @ Amazon Australia

Bacon-Opoly Board Game $26.64 @ Amazon Australia

Turns out bacon is not just for brekkie anymore - Bacon-Opoly exists, and it's got to be the ultimate gift for any bacon fanatic. It's virtually impossible to find in stores in Australia, but we've tracked it down (in time for International Bacon Day) on the Amazon Australia Global Store for just $26.64.

This is a game for two to six players, and it follows the traditional Monopoly theme of buying up objects or properties, not going bankrupt, and staying out of jail.

But it's way tastier.

In this version, there's no Old Kent Road or Park Lane, there's Chocolate-Covered Bacon On Sticks, Bacon Grease - even Bacon Tacos. Instead of houses and hotels, collect Pounds of Pork and Smokehouses; and instead of jail, there's BURNT!

This is such a crack up. It's definitely one to stash for Kris Kringle or a bacon fan's birthday down the track.

By the way, International Bacon Day is on 1st September, 2018. Get ready for a fry up.

Standard shipping is $17.86 (ships from Amazon USA)


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  • Dawn D.

    Did they run out of monopoly themes they bringing out a range of food ones now lol

  • Nina J.

    Haha. Playing this would make me hungry lol

  • Anthony F.

    They really have a monopoly for everything now lol :joy:

  • David R.

    Only if it comes with 2kg of bacon

  • Katie F.

    Putting it on the Christmas list!

  • Marc S.

    Wen I roll the dice call it shaken then bacon