Baby Sheepskin Uggs $19 @

Baby Sheepskin Uggs $19 @

I have a pair of baby sheepskin UGGS that both of my kids wore as bubs, and it was one of the most useful (and worn) baby items they had. I only wish I'd bought them for the bargain price I found today! Over at you can pick up a pair of premium Baby UGGS for just $19 - that's 76% off!

These boots come in pink or chestnut and in sizes from small up to extra large. Personally, I love chestnut because it goes with everything and it's a safe hand-me-down regardless of gender.

Styles include:

Made from premium sheepskin, these are going to keep Bub's tootsies super toasty. They're breathable and prevent sweating, and I found them one of the easiest boots to pull onto baby feet. (We all know it's not as easy as it looks!)

These items ship Australia-wide for $9.95.


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