70% Off Outdoor Swing Chair With Canopy @ eBay

Plus FREE shipping!
70% Off Outdoor Swing Chair With Canopy @ eBay

Spring is officially within sight, and this swing chair I've spotted at eBay is just the thing to help you enjoy the warmer seasons even more. Usually over $370, you can buy it for just $109 right now with FREE shipping.

This chair is selling fast right now, and given what exceptional value it, and the fact that anyone living down south is well and truly over winter, it really comes as no surprise.

It has waterproof fabric (which means you can actually enjoy this one all year 'round), and a removable seat cushion for ease of cleaning.

It seats up to three adults, and with a seat length of 1.3 metres, it would easily seat four younger kids. It holds up to 200 kilograms.

These seats are always a hit: kids love them, they look great, and they make a very relaxing spot for adults. Better still, they provide great sun protection.

Seats like this are easy to move around, so you can easily pop it in your patio area during colder months, and out in the backyard during summer.

Excellent value - go grab it and get a head start on your summer living.

This item ships FREE in Australia.


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