65% Off CuddleCo Comfi Snug 2-in-1 Baby Footmuff & Liner @ eBay

65% Off CuddleCo Comfi Snug 2-in-1 Baby Footmuff & Liner @ eBay

These Comfi Snug Pram Liners are brilliant for parents who are always on the go with Bub, and right now they are almost half price! Usually $129, you can buy these on sale at the Group Two Warehouse eBay store for just $44.95 with FREE shipping.

The first thing you're probably wondering is whether this will fit your stroller. The answer is: yes, probably! They measure 90 x 44 centimetres and are intentionally designed to be a "universal" stroller product. It attached to standard strollers just as normal seat liners do, but with this gem, you've got a fabulously toasty cocoon for babies and tots to stay warm and/or sleep in.

I can remember the frustration of having blankets kicked off the pram by rebellious feet, only to get caught in the wheels and wind up on filthy supermarket floors. A footmuff like this eliminates that problem by zipping securely onto the liner - so it's not going anywhere!

These are awesome for parents who are out and about a lot in the cooler weather, and for those who take Bub with them when they exercise on cold mornings.

This deal is a popular one, and it's getting a lot of daily views. Better move fast to snaffle one!

This item ships FREE in Australia.


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