60% Off Pre-Orders of NEW Keezi Boat Sandpits @ Bay

60% Off Pre-Orders of Boat Sandpits

Just in time for the warm weather and months of outside play, four new boat-themed sandpits have arrived. They are all on pre-sale right now, and you stand to save 60% off the regular price buy buying now, a very welcome saving this close to Christmas.

Each of these four new boat sandpits are seriously cute, and could not be more perfect for little buccaneers who love to play outside.

The basic model Keezi Boat Sandpit ($129.90) includes a mast and sail, a seat at the stern, and bonus stickers. For an extra seat at the stern, go with this version for the same price.

There are also two version with canopies. The first option is $149.90 and includes a blue canopy over the basic model boat sandpit. The second option is $159.90 and includes a blue canopy over the model with the additional seating.

All of these sandpits come with a ground sheet and bonus stickers.

The release date for these boat sandpits is 29th October, 2018.

Know someone who'd love one for summer? I sure do!

These items all ship FREE in Australia.


  • Shasta H.

    this is pretty cool

  • Kayla F.

    i love this

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