60% Off Bestway Helicopter Ball Pit @ Deals Direct

60% Off Bestway Helicopter Ball Pit @ Deals Direct

I love this ball pit! It's a fabulous size and it's refreshingly different from heaps of others in stores. Expect to pay up to $99.99 for this gem elsewhere - but Deals Direct have it on sale for $39 right now. Grab it while you can!

Bestway makes another helicopter ball pit which you may have seen around the traps; this one is the larger version, though and it's a lot more WOW. In fact, two small kids could easily sit in this at the same time, so if you're after something big enough for siblings to be able to to share, this is a fab option.

The other cool thing about this ball pit is that it doubles as a cubby. The back section is closed, so it's the perfect little hideaway.

You get 50 multi-coloured play balls with this helicopter. If you need more, you can grab a pack of 80 for just $8 at Target.

The helicopter measures about 140 x 127 centimetres, and it's around 90 centimetres tall.

No doubt, this will be a huge hit with the young ones!

Standard shipping is $9.99 at Deals Direct.


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