57% Off Hasbro Electronic Battleship Game @ Hobby Warehouse

57% Off Hasbro Electronic Battleship Game @ Hobby Warehouse

Battleship is a classic, and at Hobby Warehouse, it's CHEAP! Usually $68.90, you can pick this up at the current end-of-season sale for just $29.53. You won't find it lower than this!

You may be familiar with the original format of Battleship, which involved strategically sinking your opponent's fleet; this is the same, only electronic. You get lights, sounds - a whole extra dimension with this edition.

This edition of Battleship is recommended for ages eight and above because it does involve a good dose of sneakiness, some strategy, and some military prowess. The idea, just like the original game, is to use your battleship, your attack plane, spy plane and tank to help you destroy your opponent's ships - before they destroys yours.

This is one engaging game, and I think it's safe to say there will be more than a few parents who are very happy to get involved in this one.

I've struggled to find this set under $59.95 at major stores - this is a steal!

Stash it for a birthday down the track!

Standard shipping is $6.95.


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