51% Off The Fifth Avenue Flatback Christmas Tree @ Balsam Hill

51% Off The Fifth Avenue Flatback Christmas Tree @ Balsam Hill

Most of us put our Christmas trees against walls or in corners, and in doing so, half of our tree essentially misses out on the party every year. If you're tired of branches getting squashed, and paying for half a tree you don't see - check out these Flatback Christmas Trees! They're on sale right now for $349 (was $719) at Balsam Hill, with FREE delivery.

These brilliant, and high-quality trees are absolutely perfect for limited spaces, like apartments or smaller living rooms; it looks like a full Christmas tree, but it takes up half the space. Genius!

This particular tree is 95 centimetres in width, 180 centimetres high, and it has a flat back, so it sits flush against a wall. It is PRE-LIT with LED candlelights, has beautiful green foliage, hinged branches, a fabulous realistic look, and it's made from materials that are flame-retardant and non-allergenic. You get a tree stand, storage bag, and gloves for assembly.

These trees are some of the most special around, and are often used on TV and film sets because they are THAT spectacular!

Does your home need one of these? Go get it!

Order by the 10th December for Christmas 2017 delivery! (This tree ships FREE until 12th December.)


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  • Kelly A.

    You would literally just have half a tree to worry about

  • Janet H.

    this would be so much better haha

  • Lisa W.

    omg I cant believe we were talking about this & its actually a thing :joy:

  • Kristy M.

    I have a normal christmas tree that I do this to. I just don't put any on half of the tree so I can push it back flush against the wall.

  • Sheridan R.

    I only have to decorate one side hahahaha :thumbsup_tone2:

  • Louise T.

    This is how I did mine :heart_eyes::raised_hands_tone1:

  • Michelle W.

    I bought one already haha

  • Sharon G.

    Trees that fit snug into corners would be good too