43% Off Davis & Waddell Yoghurt Maker & Fermenter @ eBay

With FREE SHIPPING for 4 days only
43% Off Davis & Waddell Yoghurt Maker & Fermenter @ eBay

Been thinking about making your own yoghurt?The Davis & Waddell Yoghurt Maker is a very popular appliance among health-conscious foodies, and it's reduced to just $39.95 right now at the Kitchen Warehouse, with FREE SHIPPING!

Store-bought yoghurts are not only expensive, but many of them are packed with preservatives, additives and sugar - plus, there still aren't a lot of great options for the dairy-free & vegans among us (and I say that having tried almost every soy and coconut option on the shelves!) It's for these very reasons that at-home yoghurt makers have become really popular in recent times.

With this nifty device you can churn your own yoghurts, ferment foods - even try your hand at making your own cheese! All you have to do is pop in your ingredients, set the timer and let the machine work its magic.

You get a 1.6 and 1.8-litre container, a strainer and a book full of recipe ideas to get started with.

This gem gets great reviews all over the place, and I'll definitely be grabbing one to try my hand at some soy and oat-milk yoghurts for the kids..

Kitchen Warehouse currently has a MASSIVE sale running, with up to 60% off huge brands - make sure you check it out and stash some early Christmas gifts.

There is FREE SHIPPING running for orders over $39 for 4 days only!


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