33% Off Tub Fun Bath Blocks & Playsets @ Deals Direct

33% Off Tub Fun Bath Blocks & Playsets @ Deals Direct

Most kids love bath play, and these bath toy sets are going to take it to the next level. Bath blocks and some fantastic foam playsets (that actually stick to the walls!) are available at Deals Direct from just $19.95 right now.

Each of these sets are fabulous for encouraging imaginative play at bath time. The foam Bath Blocks allow kids to build creations that will actually float, and the foam playsets let kids defy gravity with their creations, and stick objects to the walls and tub!

Each set comes with a mesh storage bag.

The TRAFFIC set is probably my pick of the bunch; I'm loving the interlocking pieces, and the fact that kids can create their own tracks. My son would happily play with it all day. ** Sends link to Grandma**

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Standard shipping is $9.99 at Deals Direct.


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