$100 Off 3-Storey L.O.L Surprise House @ Big W

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$100 Off 3-Storey L.O.L Surprise House @ Big W

Looking for the ultimate in L.O.L Surprise toys? This is it! The wooden L.O.L Surprise House is not only enormous, it comes with 85 boxed surprises and an exclusive family!

This house usually sells for $399 at full retail price (or higher!), but we've just found it reduced to $299 at the Big W Toy Mania sals - and it's by far the lowest price around.

What is the L.O.L Surprise House?

It's a dollhouse unlike any you've seen before!

L.O.L Surprise House has three storeys and six rooms for Dolls, Pets and Lil Sisters to play and hang out in. There's a living room with real working lamp, a fully equipped kitchen, a bedroom with bunk beds, a working lift - even a pool, hot tub and sandpit for the pets!

The bathroom has a purple rain bathtub and a toilet with actual flushing sounds.

The top floor is the party zone. There's an enormous walk-in wardrobe that can accommodate all those accessories kids have collected, and there's even a spiral staircase that leads up to the rooftop: the perfect spot for an L.O.L Surprise party.

The house comes with an exclusive L.O.L Surprise Family, a moving truck, and 85 surprises packaged in gift boxes.

This. Is. WOW!

Take a closer look in this clip:

L.O.L Surprise House Dimensions:

The assembled house measures 100 x 20 x 63.5 cm (told you it was BIG!), so make sure you have adequate space for this one.

This has to be the coolest hangout ever for all those L.O.L Surprise dolls the kids have accumulated over recent years, and it's a very impressive BIG gift for any fan of the series.

Batteries (for lights and sounds) come included with the set.

This item ships from 9th July. No in-store collection available at this time.


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