24% Off Gro Company Gro Clock - Now $39.99 @ Catch

24% Off Gro Company Gro Clock - Now $39.99 @ Catch

According to many parents, the Gro Company's Gro Clock is a godsend when it comes to overcoming sleepy-time battles with young kids - and with a very rebellious sleeper on my hands, I've actually had my eye on these for a while. The regular price for these is usually around $59, but thankfully Catch has them discounted to just $39.99 - and it's going straight in my cart! (Anything for some sleep!)

Grasping the concept of time isn't easy for some littlies, and constant night waking, night walking and night playing absolutely takes in toll on the whole family. That's where this little clock aims to lends a very helping hand.

The Gro Clock has a number of different functions, but it's main use is for teaching kids when it's night and when it's day. It has both a sun and a stars face, and it gradually changes from one to the other as time go by - in fact, toddlers can watch the night stars slowly disappear as day approaches. How clever!

Gro Company Gro Clock $39.99 @ Catch

The Gro Clock also has an alarm, it can be set to two different wake up times and it has the option to use it as a digital clock face. So this is one kids can use for years.

Catch also has the Gro Company Gro Egg Digital Nursery Thermometer on sale for $39.99, and it's a beauty for the younger years.

Standard shipping at Catch starts at $6.95.


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