20% Off New Buzz Lightyear Helix Flyer @ Big W

Flies up to ten metres into the air!
20% Off New Buzz Lightyear Helix Flyer @ Big W

There have been a lot of Toy Story toys and games added to shelves in recent months, but this is the only one I've seen that actually flies! It's called the Buzz Lightyear Helix Flyer, and it's on sale right now at Big W for just $15.20.

The coolest thing about this toy, aside from the fact that it's Buzz, is that it requires no batteries. The way it works is that you hold the launcher in position, take aim, and then pull the ripcord to send Buzz flying up into the sky...to infinity and beyond!

This will be a brilliant one for outdoor play, especially given that we're heading into several months of nicer weather. Just keep in mind that you'll need plenty of space - or else Buzz could end up on a roof, or in a pond!

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