20% Off Nerf Super Soakers + FREE Shipping @ Target

20% Off Nerf Super Soakers + FREE Shipping @ Target

If you've got school-aged kids, it's very likely you've been hearing a lot about Nerf Super Soakers. They are all the rage with cheeky, adventurous kids - and they just so happen to be tonnes of fun. You can pick them up for a bargain at Target this weekend where you get 20% off and FREE shipping sitewide!

First things first: they are not called super soakers for nothing! These things hold a lot of water and they totally and utterly soak the poor unsuspecting recipient of the deluge!

The Floodinatorand Breach Blast are both brand new for Christmas - and they are selling like hotcakes, so get moving!

Options include:

Target's 20% off discount applies to a number of toys -check them out here!

Free shipping ends Sunday 10th December, and you can also use FREE Click & Collect.


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