1Day - $11 for a bag of Crap! postage $5.99

20 March 2012

OK, I honestly don't believe I'm posting about this but I just bought a bag of crap! Yep a bag of crap...im not sure what is going to come through but I have read previous posts on the net and they seem to either have received some really cool stuff or a bag of crap they didn't really want.

If a bag of crap is not tempting enough, they are also throwing into 10 of these bags some "Golden Tickets" which get you a $500 1-day gift voucher.


  • lisss
    I have never heard of anyone receiving cool stuff or being happy with what they received. I am happy to be corrected if anyone has experienced otherwise!
  • huntresslove
    this is just funny, i wonder if anyone would buy it if it's on ebay!
  • Pookie
    @lisss, I will know how bad/or good this was in a few days and hopefully I can gloat about it :whistling: @huntresslove, I cant believe I actually bought it but it was so funny at the time I just had to...it's only a few beers worth! I would not have bought it from ebay but I did from these guys because I have got stuff from them before.
  • daniekaj
    I've got these before and they are hit and miss, but the kid's ones are always good to put away for pressies/stocking fillers. I grab one for the kids and one each for hubby & I - cause let's face it, who doesn't love a lucky dip :D
  • queenshrew
    It really is a lucky dip. I once received total junk which I would never buy otherwise, but there was another time when I did like a lot of things in it. Sometimes it is good for a laugh - like this egg peeler I got! I often wondered who came up with those weird inventions! If you are bored, go for it... ;p
  • queenshrew
    Pookie, what did u get? I pondered about it, then decided to throw caution to the win, and I wish I never did! lol. I got this crummy t-shirt that says -- I bought a bag of crap and all I got is this lousy t-shirt (or something to that effect!) I think I prefer my cheapie $2.50 t-shirts from kmart for sleep rather than a $11shirt+ shipping! Bleh ;p
  • Pookie
    I got the same thing. Its the last time I buy a bag of crap. From now on, I want boxes of crap instead. Right....I'm off to Harvey Norman to collect more crap!

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