Ozstock "free" minijack headphone extension, $5.98 shipping

28 November 2009

what's it good for, you ask?

it's a little flexible extension which can come in handy if your device, or the case it's in, doesn't have enough space for a full-sized minijack to connect properly... e.g. i've got a hard case on my iPod, and some headphone jacks are just too big to fit...

note that it's not really an adaptor, since it goes in to a minijack socket, and takes a minijack plug in the other end...

no cashback, since cost is shipping only...


  • hayythere
    Just ordered 2 cables. Shipping is a bit steep for such a small item, but it is still cheaper than retail, and for each additional order you get 50% off shipping, so the more you order the cheaper it gets. ________ ]Mercedes-Benz Om615 Specifications
  • admin EDITOR
    Not a bad idea. I use the big Sony MDR headphones on the iphone. The jack is a pretty solid lump and the cable being heavy sometimes looks to be putting quite a bit of pressure on the female connector. How flexible are these fishmonkey?
  • fishmonkey
  • hayythere
    Anybody who has previous experience with ozstock know how long their shipping usually takes? It's been 2 business days and the " Shipped?" check box in my account is not checked yet. ________ ]Chinese Milf
  • fishmonkey
    i've ordered a couple of other things through them before, the first took 2 days to ship, the second 6 days... i also ordered one of these on the 28/11 and it hasn't shipped yet either... i kind of expect their shipping to be a bit all over the place, a fair guess would be that they pre-sell some items and then order from their supplier after they have closed the sale...

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