COTD - LG slim external DVD writer (usb powered) $69.95

28 September 2009

Even with the $6.95 shipping this LG DVD writer is priced below all others listed on staticice for this particular drive (usb powered, slim portable design). Very tempting for those with netbook computers without optical drives.

I'm probably going to order one myself for travelling so I can backup DVDs from the camcorder to my EeePC so I don't have just one copy of our family videos in case of theft/loss/damage.


  • cnitso
    Hey Spodosaurus Pretty hot deal champ. Well below RRP. But also take a look at the Pioneer website for their sale on these. They are selling a usb dvd writer for 50 bux including postage. probably a slightly better deal than this one. But I'm not sure how the specs compare. To access this deal go to then scroll down the page to dvd writers. For 50 bux with 12mth warranty, reputable brand and including shipping, I don't reckon u can import em from China for that price. Anyway check it out before u decide. Cheers, Nitso
  • cnitso
    Oops my apologies there. That writer above from pioneer actually still requires an external power adapter. This one is a truly portable option from LG. So the LG one is definitely a top deal. Sorry Spod, I didn't read the product specs properly.
  • spodosaurus
    I know the one you're tallking about on the pioneer site, I had to make sure exactly what kind it was, too, a while back. Still, the pioneer one is good value considering internal drives are going for $60-70 dollars now when just last year they were half that! I'm not sure if you can remove it from the enclosure though, but I wouldn't be surprised if you could. The pioneer site sometimes also puts up slim usb powered burners for $99.

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