CONIA 32 Inch Widescreen LCD TV

27 March 2008

CONIA 32 Inch Widescreen LCD TV
HDMI, 1080i Ready, Samsung Panel + DIGITAL Tuner!


CONIA 32 Inch Widescreen LCD TV

HDMI, 1080i Ready, Samsung Panel + DIGITAL Tuner!

Limited Quantity Available at this CRAZY Price!

Pickup a 2 year extended onsite warranty for just $99 using the dropdown menu at checkout!

Why compromise your viewing experience any longer? Bite today and pickup a beautiful 32 Inch LCD TV HD Ready, HDMI input, for just $499. WAIT! 32 Inch LCD TV HD Ready, HDMI input, for just $499? Thats unbelievable. Put one in your kids room, bedroom, lounge, kitchen - wherever!

We are talking about the kind of flat panel that would cost you upwards of $999 normally. It is, simply, an AMAZING price. Stop dreaming of flat panel bliss, todays catch price makes owning your own flat panel widescreen TV a no brainer! Featuring a resolution of 1366 x 768, HDTV compatible (1080i/720p), with a built in Digital Tuner! Enjoy an ultrasharp image, courtesy of the Samsung panel built in at an ultra LOW Price!

* Superb 1366 x 768 Resolution
* Beautiful 32 Inches of screen real estate Thats 80cm!
* Built in Digital Tuner:
o Fully DVB-T MPEG-2 compliant
o Take Advantage of Electronic Programming Guides
o Teletext supported through VBI
o Free from interference & ghosting
o Full frequency range from 47 to 862 MHZ
* Fitted with a Samsung panel
* HDTV Ready: 1080i/720p
* Contrast ratio: 1500:1
* Brightness: 500cd/m
* Wide 170 degree viewing angle
* 6.5ms response time
* Fantastic range of input options:
* Full function remote control
* Speakers and desktop stand included!

Why spend another day staring into that dull, tiny old TV you bought years ago. Today is the perfect opportunity to join the big league. 32 inch LCD for just $499? WILD! With a built in SD Digital tuner? INSANE.

Thats all folks, enjoy your new TVs! Make sure you check out our small fish today, weve got some pretty sweet deals that just didnt make the grade as a main catch, but make for great additions with your Catch of the Day today.


* 80cm/32 Inch Wide Screen
* Aspect ratio: 16:9
* Resolution: 1366 x 768 pixels
* HDTV compatibility: 1080i/720p
* Contrast: 1500:1
* Brightness: 500cd/m
* Viewing angle (H/V): 170
* Response time: 6.5ms
* AV/S-VIDEO/YPbPr/YCbCr input
* HDMI input
* 100 programs memory
* 8W speakers
* Built-in standard definition DVB-T tuner.
* Full function remote control
* Speakers and desktop stand included

12 Month Manufacturers Back To Base Warranty

2 Year Extended Onsite Warranty Available for $99 at Checkout!


  • admin EDITOR
    Wasnt someone saying recently that the Conia's have a branded tube in them ? Or was that something else.
  • scatman00
    Yep, as it says up top, its a samsung panel, I got the 26" a while back from COTD for 400 and am pretty happy with it. Wish i had of waited for this though :D On a side note Deals direct have the same TV $250 more though :whistling: Though you do save 550 off RRP(1299) at DD, but only 500 off RRP (999) at COTD . LOL .
  • Wally
    Though you do save 550 off RRP at DD, but only 500 off at COTD
    Heh! Maybe COTD factor in their higher freight charges whilst DD have $24.95 Aust wide
  • kingyubbo
    Even even looks like a Samsung Panel with the Gloss Black finish. Not bad
  • admin EDITOR
    Yep, as it says up top, its a samsung panel
    That'll teach me to read things first.
  • tarajaneace
    Just purchased! My credit card is quivering! tara
  • admin EDITOR
    :) - from the sound of it you got a good buy. Out of interest - what did they charge you for freight ??
  • tarajaneace
    NSW $49.95 the funny thing is that my default saved address was my street name and number etc etc BUT the state was Victoria! I wonder why it was like that, i probably made a mistake on my previous order? Shipping is $20 cheaper in Vic but i didn't want to risk it to save a buck (or twenty!). the only thing i don't like is the branding... I wonder if i can pull it off and replace it with the 'samsung' branding off my old crt tv? Tara
  • Wally
    What does HD Ready actually mean? If it is, why does it have a SD Tuner?
  • trevorf
    HD ready is what you call marketing :) The only special 'HD' term you should look for is "Full HD" which relates to 1080p. (1080i is not at great).
  • kingyubbo
    HD as in if you get a HD box it is able to do 1080i not the 'Full HD' experience which Sony Bravia's are heavily promoting. Conia aren't known as a quality brand, however LCD screens these days come from the same factory these days so they aren't as different as most people think. For $499 though, it is worth a punt for those looking for a LCD TV.

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