A 'gimme' domestic flight with purchase of selected Panasonic Lumix cameras

Now that we have an offer - all we need to do is find the cheapest price for any of those model cameras .....

With every eligible purchase of a Lumix DMC-FX12, DMC-X12-K, DMC-FX30, DMC-TZ2 & DMC-TZ3 between July 1 and September 30, there's a domestic flight thrown in-at no extra cost! And that means no taxes and surcharges too! That's a free flight with every purchase.

Flights up for grabs are:

Adelaide Melbourne
Brisbane Rockhampton, Sydney
Coffs Harbour Sydney
Darwin Brisbane
Gold Coast Melbourne, Sydney
Hobart Melbourne
Melbourne Adelaide, Gold Coast, Sydney
Perth Adelaide
Sydney Coffs Harbour, Gold Coast, Melbourne

*Flights must be booked within 6 months of original product purchase date and travelled within 12 months from the original product purchase date.

*Booking Request Forms must be received by the travel centre (identified in the Promotion Terms and Conditions) not less than 60 days prior to your requested outbound travel dates.


  • admin
    The claim form can be found ]here and the terms and conditions of offer ]here. And of course practical applicaton of the offer ]here.
  • MillerJ
    Yeah, the free flight being offered by Panasonic Australia is absolutely brilliant. Just a word of advice though, I would be cautious buying one of the qualifying cameras through Ebay at a price which is more than half the recommended retail price. Remember, to claim your free flight you have to submit a copy of your receipt and proof of purchase (being the barcode from the box) to be eligible to receive your free flight. The reasons being: 1) Will the ebayer issue you a receipt/tax invoice. 2) Where is the camera being sourced from? Overseas? From the 'grey' market? Being involved in the IT retail (online) business myself, consumers do qualify for the free flight if they purchase through an online retailer, but I would be wary of paying significantly less (more than 30-40%) than the RRP. If you're interested in buying a camera at such a low price, I would contact (1300 737 003) LeapFrog Promotion & Incentive Solutions ( the guys running the promo for Panasonic Aust.) before you finalise your purchase to ensure your claim for the free flight is likely to be approved if you decide to proceed with the purchase. If buying through an online retailer, check if they issue australian warranties and check if previous customers (by checking testimonials) have been happy with their purchase (i.e they receive their camera ok, BUT it came with no warranty, a couple of the standard accessories were missing, and the user manual and/or software was only in Chinese or another lanuage other than English. Just my two cents worth. Kind Regards Josh.
  • jayne
    Hi Josh!! Welcome to BuckScoop. Some helpful advice there :) Hope to see you posting more such insights in the future!
  • admin
    :) - good two cents worth as well MillerJ - thanks. I did have a good look at what merchants qualified - and it was pretty broad. Just said - an Australian retailer. Shopping square is a trading business of Apus - which is an AU company with an ABN etc. Like you - I looked at the shopping square price and wondered whether it was just doing grey imports. Its a pretty good deal - considering the costs of the flights. I was more thinking of ebay as a place to 'sell' the camera :)
  • MillerJ
    Cheers Jayne :)
  • diider
    Any idea of the airline anyone?
  • admin
    they dont say diider. Tickets are booked through the agency but I suspect it'll be your virgin or qantas flights.
  • nod
    Welcome to Buckscoop Josh And thanks for the useful insight. I think as an internet shopper you do need to enter transactions with your eyes open and understand that sometimes the 'bargain' you are getting may well be a 'bargain' for a very good reason :) The problem of warranties and grey imports is an important issue to consider when buying electronics
  • wheadle
    Shame that there doesn't seem to be a bargain priced camera around, guess we have until September
  • voteoften
    The Dx-12 is $308.00 delivered at jimmysdeals I believe. http://jimmysdeals.com/pages/Panasonic-LUMIX-DMCFX12-171.php?gclid=CJfms_SflY0CFRemYAodvXU50w Every day the expiry date moves to that date as a call to action. Will any of the cashback participants match other offers & still give cashback?
  • jayne
    That's not a deal from Jimmy's deals, he just lists it. That deal is actually from Are-Jays, a store from which forum members have had bad experiences...

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