Pre-Order 2017 Schleich Advent Calendars Now @ Zavvi

Pre-Order Schleich Advent Calendars

If your little ones love collecting Schleich figurines, then this is THE advent calendar for them. The Schleich Advent Calendars will be released on the 1st October, and they are on offer for $42.73 each at Zavvi, a brilliant price considering these can sell over $70 in the lead up to Christmas.

There are three themed Schleich calendars this year, each containing some exclusive figures - and let's face it, the very idea of getting a new toy every day is pretty awesome in any kid's book!

Check them out:

Toy advent calendars are a fabulous alternative to confectionery ones, especially when they involve popular collectibles like Schleich figures. They'll be playing with their little animals all year - and beyond!

Note: orders from Zavvi do take a while to get to Australia, allow around three weeks.

These items ship from 1st October 2017. Shipping is $1.99.

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  • Kiera M.

    These are great. Thank you xx

  • Bronwyn B.

    I think we know a little miss that would love them :heart:

  • Kiera M.

    I think we know a little miss that may be getting one ;)

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