ZUJI.COM.AU 50% OFF Bangkok Hotel bookings + Buckscoop cashback

8 March 2012

I wont even begin to claim I am an expert on Bangkok hotels as I have never been but I do think that some of the offers Zuji have at the mo are a good price.

Zuji are offering 50% off a range of Hotels in Bangkok (2 to 5 star). You can get a basic room in a 4* for $75 a night and a very basic room in a 3* for $15 (no idea what that would be like - but ok if you like it cheap !!!)
The $75 a night room you get free Wifi which is always nice

So if you looking at a Bangkok holiday in the near future take a look at the offers. If you use a Bucky link (logged in of course) you are then eligibile for Buckscoop cashback = more money to spend on your holidays

Looks like the deals are very limited ie some end in a day

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  • nod
    Ok offer ends tomorrow night - so added expiry date

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