Virgin Blue Talk of the Town AIRFARE SALE - Albury and Port Macquarie

14 January 2008

Sale Period: 9am Mon 14 Jan to Midnight Mon 04 Feb
Travel Period: 06/02/2008 - 31/08/08
Flights are subject to regulatory approval

---------------------Fares From
Sydney Albury $69^*

Sydney Port Macquarie $69^*

Gold Coast Albury $119#*

Gold Coast Port Macquarie $119#*

Perth Albury $239#*

Perth Port Macquarie $239#*

Cairns Albury $189#*

Cairns Port Macquarie $189#*

Adelaide Albury $159#*

Adelaide Port Macquarie $159#*

Albury Brisbane $139#*

Albury Hobart $139#*

Albury Melbourne $149#*

Brisbane Port Macquarie $139#*

Canberra Port Macquarie $139#*

Hobart Port Macquarie $139#*

Melbourne Port Macquarie $149#*

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  • nod
    Flights are subject to regulatory approval
    So does that mean you can book but no guarantee the plane will get off the ground? :D
  • admin EDITOR
    I read the post and wondered why they were still using that. I guess they just plan the flights and forward book while waiting for the FAA approval to go through.
  • leny
    Let's hope it doesn't end up like the TT episode.
  • Wally
    Let's hope it doesn't end up like the TT episode.
    What episode was that?? :confused:
  • leny
    I mean, Tiger Airways didn't exactly take off as they planned, or 'dreamed'. The whole thing was too rushed, it was as if they announced that they would comeinto the domestic market, and BAM they're flying everywhere the next day. They couldn't find a ground dispatcher in Alice Springs, which apparently delayed all Alice Springs by a couple or more months. They did receive approval on their first test flight, which I guess might give them a little bit of a better name. It will soon be forgotten though..
  • Brad
    Oh, i see, TT Airlines, not Today Tonight lol

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