Virgin Blue sale until 24th July - Many many destinations

16 July 2008

Prices for flights including taxes start at $49 (Brisbane ↔ Newcastle $49* AUD)(*Direct flights only)

There are some reasonably good prices there, but they are offering many destinations - meaning the saving won't be so great. It's great to save some money if you are travelling and just waiting for a discount though.

There are two travel date ranges with different prices for some destinations:
Travel Between: 05 Aug 08 - 18 Sep 08 On sale until: midnight 24 Jul 08 or sold out
Travel Between: 14 Oct 08 - 11 Dec 08 On sale until: midnight 24 Jul 08 or sold out

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  • leny
  • admin EDITOR
    What makes you say the the savings wont be that large because they have many destinations in there Leny ?
  • leny
    Have you had a look at the prices admin? They're reasonable, but not overly excellent. And the reasoning was badly put. Many destinations obviously doen't mean a smaller saving. oops :e:

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