Virgin Blue Sale!!! Some great savings for their 7th B'day - this link only!

4 August 2007

I got this email a day or so ago and somehow seemed to miss it :(
But if you follow the link, ie click on got to deal, you will be taken to a supposed special page page with special discount fares!
Anyone see a bargain in the list?
The Perth to Broome tickets are a bargain!

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  • nod
    ]New offers Vmail have just released new sale prices!!!! Well more :w00t:
  • nod
    SALE PERIOD: Until midnight Thursday 16 August 2007 or until sold out TRAVEL PERIOD 1: Tuesday 16 October 2007 to Thursday 13 December 2007 TRAVEL PERIOD 2: Tuesday 15 January 2008 to Thursday 13 March 2008
    There are two times that you need to fly
  • mouldgirl
    I don't like the way that they only list one way flights. They really should do return. Misleading I think
  • ScarletRubies
    Hmm, I don't know. I think the one way fares are easily identified, and Qantas/Jetstar do it to so at least you're comparing apples with apples. I am more annoyed by the charges for using their call centres, or using a credit card. Virgin's site also drives me nuts that you can't plan a "round trip" with multiple stops. I suppose we're all irked by different things. I wish I had a TARDIS. That would make travel more convenient if nothing else. Wonder if it's environmentally responsible, carbon neutral and cheap to run? I'm not nerd enough to have done the costings for myself!
  • wheadle
    I like the transparency of the one ways fares. No idea with the tardis though but in all the years I watched the good ole doc, never remember him filling up ;)

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