Virgin Blue 8th Birthday Sale (Fares from $48 + $8 for check in luggage)

27 August 2008

Top fares: (cabin luggage only fares)

Brisbane Newcastle$48*

Melbourne Launceston$48*

Adelaide Melbourne$58*

Sydney Hervey Bay$58*

Sydney Gold Coast$58*

Melbourne Gold Coast$68*

Brisbane Sydney$68*

Canberra Brisbane$88*

Cairns Sydney$128*

Melbourne Perth$158*

*Sale Period: Midnight Tuesday 26th August 2008 to Midnight Tuesday 9th September 2008
Travel Period 1: 15th October 2008 to 16th December 2008
Travel Period 2: 13th January 2009 to 7th April 2009

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  • wheadle
    Cheers Leny.
  • queenshrew
    Thanks! Just what we were waiting for :D
  • admin EDITOR
    Thats what I wanted Leny. $158 each way. Thanks. BTW it doesnt show perth melb as part of the 'sale' but you can get the same price in that direction.

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