Unlimited: Instant Win Climate Change Pack worth $77 (high possibility) including a HAPPY FEET DVD!

19 November 2007

*** I have registered and won instantly, I think it's the first 500 people that do it, but it ends 24th/Nov so hurry!! tell us whether you do get it or not ****

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Your support counts. Please enter your details below to join us in helping to change climate change.

And by registering before 24/11/07 you also have the chance to win one of 500 great climate change packs instantly! "

THere seems to be a HAPPY FEET DVD, some lightbulbs from Mirabella, Hats and more

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  • voteoften
    Thanks for that! :) I won too!:D Happy Feet is such a great movie and is one of the few I haven't yet purchased.:p
  • MamaK
    Thanks!! DD loves happy feet :D
  • brooke
    this is a great idea! its like the free globes & showerhead deal, only u dont need to have someone come to ur house 2 get them! i love my kiddie movies! :D would make a good present if u have already got it too! lol... sounds a bit cheap but who's gunna kno??! lol. i dont have it yet tho... one of very few i can say that about! definately a hot vote from me :)
  • ScarletRubies
    Joined up, but no indication I can see that I'm one of the 500. :) Rather like the Fortune 500, I think I fly under the radar!
  • MamaK
    I think they are all gone now
  • Brad
    It says this in blue text on the page after you sign up:
    Thank you for registering! You are now a registered supporter of the Change Climate Change campaign however you did not win a prize.
  • lindanat
    Thank you for registering! You are now a registered supporter of the Change Climate Change campaign however you did not win a prize
  • Keeys
    When I joined thismornng I got this message Thank you. Your registration has been confirmed. You will now be redirected to the home page No indication of if I got one or not. How did people find out if they did?
  • samia786
    when I registered yesterday, the message said that I won the prize and it will be mailed to me.
  • Ghoti
    Woot i won :D and so easy too ^_^
  • Brad
    Good to see there are some packs left! ;)
  • arispablo
    thanx for a great post i won one for my boy he will love it
  • brooke
    i wonder when they will get sent out... if anyone gets theirs, i wouldnt mind finding out whats in the pack :)
  • MamaK
    Good to see there are packs left :) Mine hasn't arrived (but I'm not expecting it too soon) from the T&Cs
    15. Prizes: 500 x Instant Winners will each receive a Climate Change pack valued at $77. Each pack includes a cap, sticker, bag, fridge magnet and DVD.
  • MamaK
    did anyone recieve their pack yet?
  • lilpretzel
    Still waiting here. :)
  • leny
    Now expired to any new entrants. I hope you get your packs soon. :)

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