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18 May 2008

IF you visit Movie World, visit the Fuji Photo Shop. To get there, you enter the park and turn right on the main (and only) street. Go down and it will be past the Shrek attraction on the right hand side of the street, right where the road widens into a piazza type of arrangement. Do this first thing when you get into the park. Generally they have at least two times (and often 4 times) per day when you can go and have your photo taken with a character. You will have a relatively non-rushed experience - without obnoxious foreigners pretendning they didn't know there was a line of children waiting when they cut in front of you. Unlike the impromptu photos with characters that roam the park intermittantly, you will get a one on one opportunity.

The bonus is that this is a highly discounted item as well. I believe it was $8 and you got two photos. One large and one medium smallish. I think they normally charge about $$15 for one of the photos if you buy an impromptu snap. No additional discounts apply to the package price.

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  • nod
    Great tip Voteoften. Much easier to get the kids to the store than trying to get them to the front of the line in the middle of the park and I can imagine you get a better piccie too :)
  • voteoften
    Great tip Voteoften. Much easier to get the kids to the store than trying to get them to the front of the line in the middle of the park and I can imagine you get a better piccie too :)
    Sorry, should have been more clear. You go to the shop and check out the times and locations. Tweety is generally 2X per day down in this little hut thing right outside the Looney Tunes kid area. So you go to the store to discover when tweety will be there and you plan your day around that. The same is true with the Shrek characters, although they would be down near the Shrek LIVE show auditorium (not the 3D one that is on main street) So the photos are not actually taken at the store, but that is the best place to go to get the times and locations. It is also where you pick up your snaps on the way out. You can prepay at the store. If you go during peak time, I would prepay, because there might be a limit to how many they will do. They have to be very careful in the summer with those hot and heavy costumes. If you go in off peak, you can probably wait and pay at the location. There could be difficulties with change, etc if you do it that way, but use your own judgement. When we were there in January, they had beautiful fancy girl dresses on sale for $20. They were just so lovely. I bought one and although it was on sale, they still gave me the 10% off due to my annual pass. The couple of times my daughter has worn it, she has had so many compliments, with someone even planning on calling them from perth to try to order one. So keep an eye out for discounts. All of the stuff sold there is really high quality, so when you can get a bargain it's a bonus. Another real bargain was/is the melamine plates, etc for kids. I see character ones in Perth for about $8 each. There is a bigger selection there and the prices are like $3 or $4 per piece. We have a lovely heart shaped Tweety plate that my daughter just loves. I have decided to buy a bunch more on this trip. Movie World may be phasing out their Hi 5 store so keep your eyes open for bargains related to Hi 5. 9 more sleeps! I'm so excited, I wonder when my daughter will be! :cool:
  • ozpete
    Not been to Movieworld or other GC theme parks, so i am not familar with the layout and if this will work as well. From the old US days at disneyland/world etc was to go straight to back of park first, (or furthest point from entrance) this way you can get on rides without longer queues, then work your way back. Then the rides at the front, queue's have dropped off Enjoy your holiday
  • lisss
    I recently went to Universal Studios in LA and they have lots of characters at set up displays. The lines were really short for photos, plus they were fine with you using your own camera and it didn't feel hurried at all. I don't know what Movieworld is like now, but when we went a few years ago it was sooo busy!! We did manage to get lots of photos with the characters that roam around the park but if you wanted a specific character this might be a good idea.
  • voteoften
    It is a particularly a good idea if you have shy kids as they take the time to chat with them and calm them. We do them all - the free ones and these ones. I don;t buy the ones where I have taken a photo as well.

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