TIP: Don't forget to bargain with the Europcar guys!

17 November 2007

Just wanted to let people know I found an assortment of deals for hire cars (many here - thanks guys!) and noted my preferred options (free upgrade, free day etc) and then rang Europcar. We travelled with Virgin and I wanted Velocity points...

Long story short, I spoke to a helpful rep in the booking office, told her what other companies were offering and asked her to match it etc.

I ended up with a large family car (F class) with kids seat included (1) picked up and returned to Brissy airport (premium location charge etc etc) for $276 for 5+ days - total. I think she gave us a free upgrade and a free day (Thrifty was doing a 2-class upgrade I think) and she also gave us some leeway in returning the car late (over an hour; normally they charge a third of the daily rate).

Possibly this price looks expensive to non-family types, but it's a huge saving on their "rack rate", especially when you consider the extra charges for airport pick up and return etc.

I recommend locating your deals, proceeding with your booking online, and getting all your info before you call the company directly - voice-to-voice definitely gets a better result, and I see no reason why it wouldn't apply equally to any other company if you get better points elswhere etc.

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  • nod
    Hot vote from me for sure. I think this is a great idea. There is always room to barter with car hire places and if you do your homework and then present it to them I think they would be made to not match the offer. Nice one Ruby :)
  • admin EDITOR
    $55 a day for a large family car is a very good deal ruby - its not that much more than you'd pay for one of the economy class ones.
  • schlemster
    love a good haggle

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